FRACTURED LAND, the documentary

A modern Indigenous warrior. A Goliath industry. A new way forward.

Follow along as filmmakers Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis explore Canada's Carbon Corridor through the eyes of Caleb Behn, a young Indigenous law student fighting to protect his land and people from the ravages of neocolonialism.

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We've been following Caleb for two years, helping tell his story of a land and worldview under attack. Now, we’re raising funds to complete the film while building a coalition to support the work of Caleb and other Indigenous leaders. Learn how you can contribute - and discover tempting rewards! - at our crowdfunding page!

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With new footage, important interviews and an evolving story…

We - Fiona and Damien - are delighted to share with you the latest trailer for our documentary film, Fractured Land, featuring interviews with Naomi Klein, MP Thomas Mulcair, Josh Fox, Maude Barlow, Wade Davis, Lillian Moyer, Terri Brown, Oscar Dennis and many other powerful voices!

Fractured Land tells the story of one man’s journey to find balance between the modern world and that which we hold most sacred – water, land, tradition, each other.

Join Caleb Behn and a powerful new wave of leaders challenging a system that threatens to destroy us - seeking sustainable solutions to our voracious energy needs while blazing a new way forward to heal this fractured land.

Our deep thanks,
Damien and Fiona

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